Anton Bogatov

Few words about  Russian Contemporary artist.

  • Was born in Moscow in March 3, 1989.
    He has graduated Art school with distinction (Red Diploma) at 2004.
  • Was studying in
    National Fashion Institute in Moscow

    on the faculty of graphic design for two years from 2005 Till 2007.

  • From the begining of his creative path, inspirated with Russian landscape painters of the 19-20 centuries, French impressionists
    and post-impressionists of the 19 century, seeks to work in realistic Russian landscape style.
  • Therefore he decided to proceed his education in
    Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov.
  • The Surikov Art Institute in Moscow is one of the two leading centers of higher art education in Russia from The Russian Academy of Arts.
  • Entered the The Surikov Art Institute in Moscow in 2008 on Faculty of Painting in the theatre-decoration workshop under the management of honored artist of Russian Federation Michael
  • At the moment has approved participation in more than 12 exhibitions from Moscow Artists Union and one exhibition from Russian Academy of Arts.
  • In the february of 2012 becomes the owner premium named after I.E.Repin from Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts.
  • The canvases of Anton Bogatov are situated in private collections in Russian Federation and Europe.
  • At this blog I’d like to present my paintings for your judgement.
  • Any comments are welcome!

«Pictorial life» interview for New Faces Journal.

Anton Bogatov, a painter – impressionist, realist.

Anton Bogatov was born and studied painting in Moscow. He has graduated from Zheleznodorozhniy School of arts N 2.
In 2008 Anton entered the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow, faculty of painting, theatrical and decorative workshop of Mikhail Kurilko-Ryumin, a people`s artist of Russia.At the moment Anton is in his final year and he is planning to take a postgraduate course.

Anton Bogatov – one of promising Moscow artists, who actively works in landscape and city landscape painting from nature and creates scenery for theaters.
Though Anton is still quite young, he has already got recognition from other artists and actively developing himself in painting.
His art works have been presented at 12 exhibitions, such as International festival of fine arts “Moscow – a world city”, some exhibitions of the Moscow Union of Artists, the all-Russian festival of a water color painting “A LA PRIMA”, a number of exhibitions in Central House of Artists, Moscow. A year ago the first personal exhibition of Anton’s paining was held in Gostiny dvor showroom, in “Visions Fine Art Gallery”.
In February, 2012 Anton got an award in the name of Ilya Efimovich Repin from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. His paintings are in large private collections of Europe and Russia.
Anton how and when you started painting?
In my early childhood – about 6 years old. My mother was a friend of Valentina Melnikova. She was shown my drawings. Valentina found them to be very unusual for the child – there was an emotion and plasticity in them. She suggested me to take private painting lessons from her. Since then her workshop became my second house practically – I often have stayed there for several days, studied much. Friends of Valentina – artists as well, visited her from time to time.

To me they seemed very mature and interesting persons and, of course, I absorbed their ideas, moods. Besides, I communicated with one young artist, Alyona Zmeevets, who also guided me, retouched some of my works. So I grew up under strong influence of this creative environment.
Being 10 years old, I simultaneously entered an art school and finished it with honors. After I tried to enter Moscow 1905 Memorial Arts School, but I didn’t pass. Therefore I began studying graphical design. I have been taking design courses for 3 years, when happily met Andrey Ochnev, famous Russian artist who was also teaching in my institute.
He advised me to enter the Surikov Art Institute, which he has also graduated, and the same workshop.

And how did you get through failure to enter Moscow 1905 Memorial Arts School? Have you been painting at that time?
It was difficult. But even if I feel utterly discouraged, I come up to a canvas and work. When I draw – I forget about all those things which disturb me, I find myself again. Painting is my life and I can’t imagine myself out of it.
When Andrey advised me to go up to the institute, I quit my studies in design and have been preparing for entering exams for about a year– took preliminary courses, studied a lot.

Did you enter the Surikov University on the first try?
Yes, on the first (smiles).

What artists you are guided by in your creative work? Who influence you? What attracts you in pictures of other artists?
In pictures I am captivated by the language, presentation, philosophy. As Paul Cezanne, a famous postimpressionist, said: “Language of the artist becomes the more recognizable, the more difficult it`s details “. A great number of artists influenced and continue influence me.
Among Russian artists I can name Konstantin Korovin, who was also making theatrical scenery, Valentin Serov, Pyotr Konchalovsky, Ilya Mashkov. I love our Soviet classic painters of 1950x, as well as of 1970x (“Severe style”) – Victor Popkov, Pavel Nikonov, Nikolay Andronov.
Taking about foreign painters – Pablo Picasso, first of all. I am powered by his works in the way a painter can be powered. Also Alfred Sisley, Albert Mark and Claude Monet, outstanding landscape painters – impressionists.
Each of them differs in presentation, number of details – some depicts more, some – less, some spread the colors over.
It is only small list of artists who attracts and inspires me.

How your painting changed over the years?
Originally I progressed in realism only. Later I started painting more in impressionism and now, in the latest works I conceive a passion for fauvism (i.e. Local French stream of postimpressionism painting, which is characterized by domination of strong colors over the representational or realistic values). I am trying to find myself like any creative person.
Generally I work in pastous technique which assumes more work with paint, searching of a color, a form. It allows to reproduce not only nature, but also your emotions related.

What plots you choose for your works more often?
Personally I prefer landscape painting. But I work to order and I make portraits.

You use oils or water colors more often?
Now – oils mostly, but I like water colors a lot. Probably, somehow it brings back memories from my childhood. Water color is one of the most difficult painting technics. Unfortunately, at the present time it doesn’t develop much.
Last year I participated in the water color festival with 3 paintings. Alvaro Castañet, one of the most famous living masters of water colors and other world aquarellists presented their best works also. It is very flattering that my works hung not far from their pictures. It impulsed my creativity a lot.
After the festival one of my works – “Morning in Prague” was bought for a private collection of the Kurgan State art museum.

What do you think of criticism of your works?
In general it is quite positive if that is a constructive criticism, especially from respected artists. They explain me my possible mistakes, give advice. I understand that they have huge life experience and try to absorb their remarks, to correct myself.
Speaking about the criticism of the others – I listen, but I don’t care much about it.

What are your creative and life plans?
I plan to continue my studies, to take postgraduate course. Now I prepare the thesis work. It is the model of scenery for performance “Don Carlos”.
I develop my creative work in any possible way and I plan to continue working for a theater.ר







Oil paintings in Spain, summer Sights of Barselona, Tarragona, Reus an Cambrils  (Oil paintings).

                                                                 Passeig de Jaume I

«Passeig de Jaume I ‘el Conqueridor Salou», Spain, oil painting, Anton Bogatov, 2011 year.

Sights of Barselona, Tarragona, Reus an Cambrils (Aquarelle).

I want to present some of my works that i have made in Spain. I was there for two weeks with my mother and brother I have visited Barcelona- the capital of Catalonia and  towns
Tarragona, Cambrils and Reus. I’d like that peaceful and sunny country with old buildings and streets.

Bāsèluónà, tǎ lā gē nà, léi wū sī yīgè kǎn bù lǐ ěr sī (shuǐcǎihuà) de jǐngdiǎn.
Wǒ xiǎng tíchū wǒ de yīxiē zuòpǐn, wǒ zài xībānyá qǔdé. Wǒ zài nàlǐ dàile liǎng gè xīngqí wǒ de mǔqīn hé gēgē wǒ zēng shēn guān guò Barcelona-jiā tàiluó ní yǎ hé chéngzhèn de zīběn
tǎ lā gē nà, Cambrils de hé léi wū sī. Wǒ xīwàng, hépíng hé yángguāng chōngzú de guójiā, gǔlǎo de jiànzhú hé jiēdào.


Please help us become  better  — if you find any mistake, tell me.

Now i knew that i must sign place where each work was made. Because experience is son of mistakes.

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